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MCO 2015 Questions and Answers ?>

MCO 2015 Questions and Answers

Assalamualaikum everyone. On 19th April 2015, IIUM hosted the Malaysia Computing Olympiad 2015. MCO is basically the IOI (International Olympiad Informatics) for Malaysia. And IOI is basically ACM-ICPC for high school student. The format are also a bit different compared to ACM ICPC. In IOI, they contestant compete individually instead of in teams. Also, in IOI they are given 5 problems and 3 hours 2 days to solve. And instead of a ‘Yes/No’ verdict, they have 3 ‘levels’ of correctness (‘sub-tasks’ to be more precise). For example, if they use a naive method, the may pass first level. But not the other 2 level. If they manage to make an efficient solution, then they may pass all the ‘level’. These are the question given on MCO 2015.

MCO 2015 Question

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