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IIUM Code Jam Practice ?>

IIUM Code Jam Practice

Assalamualaikum everyone. IIUM Code Jam is just around the corner and we think that it is best if we give out some practice set. For this practice, we are going to use an online platform that we commonly use to train for an actual ACM ICPC. Its basically an online contest. However, the question that we set are very easy to cater for those who are really new competitive programming. Or in another word, those who are joining the IIUM Code Jam just for the fun of it. In fact, in this post, I’ll be discussing on the answers for the question. However, you should try it yourself first. The contest is available through the link below. The password is “redjam”.

IIUM Code Jam Practice Contest

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How will a solution be judged in a programming competition. ?>

How will a solution be judged in a programming competition.

Assalamualaikum everyone, today’s topic is how a judge software judge a solution. Or in another word, how do you submit the solution for the problem. And also, how do you output your solution for a particular problem.


For those of you who did not know, in ACM ICPC, every team will be given a set of problem which the team will need to solve. The way to solve them is by coding the solution. The problem will say that the solution will have to accept some input and it should output according to the input.

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IIUM CodeJam 2015 ?>

IIUM CodeJam 2015

Assalamualaikum everyone.


Have you ever wonder what its like to compete in a problem solving competition? Well now you can experience it yourself. ICTSS Education Bureau is organizing an ACM ICPC style programming competition called IIUM Code Jam. We are giving you an opportunity to experience an ACM ICPC competition without becoming really good at it at and the same time, we are also gathering the best programming teams from IIUM to crown one of them as the first ever IIUM Code Jam Champion. Whether you want to win or just have some fun programming, this competition is for you. Oh, did we mention that it is open for all IIUM student? The details are as follow:

  • Date: 9 May 2015
  • Time: 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • Venue: LR 14, Kuliyyah of Information and Communication Technology, IIUM.
  • Registration fees: RM 15 per team.

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Basic Rules of ACM ICPC ?>

Basic Rules of ACM ICPC

Warning: The rules for IIUM Code Jam outlined here only applies for IIUM Code Jam 2015. Later IIUM Code Jam may have different rules.

Assalamualaikum everyone. ICTSS Education Bureau had announce an ACM ICPC style programming competition called IIUM CodeJam. It is an ACM ICPC style programming competition. Unfortunately not many people know what does it means by ‘ACM ICPC’ style programming competition. This post will introduce you on what are the basic rules and standard of ACM ICPC and the different of that with the newly announced IIUM CodeJam.


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