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IIUM Code Jam 2016 Problem Solution ?>

IIUM Code Jam 2016 Problem Solution

Assalamualaikum guys. In this post, I’ll discuss on the question given on IIUM Code Jam 2016. The commentary for the questions are from the question author (Zarir, Ayesha and Amjad) with some addition from me. Overall, compared to IIUM Code Jam 2015, the questions in IIUM Code Jam 2016 was much more balanced. There are less very easy question but there are less very hard question too. This is reflected in the ranking which shows a typical ACM-ICPC scoreboard.

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IIUM Code Jam 2016 Mock Contest Answer ?>

IIUM Code Jam 2016 Mock Contest Answer

Assalamualaikum guys. In this post I’ll discuss on the problem given in IIUM Code Jam 2016 Mock Contest. The questions in the mock contest is meant to be educational. Therefore, the harder question mainly have some ‘tricks’ and ‘quirks’ which are common on an actual ACM-ICPC competition. The question also have explanation or hint on how to solve the problems. Four of the question are made by me (Ashraf) and the last one is made by Bro. Amjad. You can download the dataset through the link below. The dataset uses the Polygon contest format, which is used in Codeforces and is compatible with our contest system.

IIUM Code Jam 2016 Mock Contest Dataset

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IIUM Code Jam 2016 ?>

IIUM Code Jam 2016

UPDATE: The venue has been changed to TL-E5-01 due to air conditioning problem in LR 14.

IIUM Code Jam is back! With bigger prizes!CODEJAM4

  • Date: 3rd April 2016
  • Time: 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • Venue: LR 14, TL-E5-01, Kuliyyah of Information and Communication Technology, IIUM.
  • Registration fees: RM 20 per team.
  • Registration link:

This 3rd April, ICTSS Education Bureau together with Electrical Engineering Student’s Association (ECESA) is organizing the second IIUM Code Jam. This time around, there would be 8 problem to be solved in 3 hour. In case you don’t know what is IIUM Code Jam, IIUM Code Jam is basically a competitive programming competition modeled after the ACM-ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest). In this contest, teams of 3 will compete against each other in a contest that test their problem solving and programming skill. Each team will be given 8 problems of varying difficulties in which they will have to solve through programming. The team that solve most problem win.

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ACM ICPC Crash Course 2016 ?>

ACM ICPC Crash Course 2016

POSTERAssalamualaikum guys. Remember IIUM Code Jam last year? Want to know what that is all about? Want to join it this year? This Sunday, IIUM ICTSS is organizing a Crash Course on the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), which is what IIUM Code Jam kinda is. The details are as follows:

  • Date: 6 March 2016 (Sunday)
  • Time: 9AM to 4PM.
  • Venue: ACM ICPC Lab, KICT (look at 4th floor, near the networking lab).
  • Fee: RM 3 (Lunch provided)
  • Speakers: IIUM Representative on the Singapore Regional 2015.
  • Registration link:
  • Contact: Anas 018-760-1343
  • QR Code:



Don’t forget to bring your own laptop, we’re having a short contest. See you there!


MCO 2015 Questions and Answers ?>

MCO 2015 Questions and Answers

Assalamualaikum everyone. On 19th April 2015, IIUM hosted the Malaysia Computing Olympiad 2015. MCO is basically the IOI (International Olympiad Informatics) for Malaysia. And IOI is basically ACM-ICPC for high school student. The format are also a bit different compared to ACM ICPC. In IOI, they contestant compete individually instead of in teams. Also, in IOI they are given 5 problems and 3 hours 2 days to solve. And instead of a ‘Yes/No’ verdict, they have 3 ‘levels’ of correctness (‘sub-tasks’ to be more precise). For example, if they use a naive method, the may pass first level. But not the other 2 level. If they manage to make an efficient solution, then they may pass all the ‘level’. These are the question given on MCO 2015.

MCO 2015 Question

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IIUM Code Jam Practice ?>

IIUM Code Jam Practice

Assalamualaikum everyone. IIUM Code Jam is just around the corner and we think that it is best if we give out some practice set. For this practice, we are going to use an online platform that we commonly use to train for an actual ACM ICPC. Its basically an online contest. However, the question that we set are very easy to cater for those who are really new competitive programming. Or in another word, those who are joining the IIUM Code Jam just for the fun of it. In fact, in this post, I’ll be discussing on the answers for the question. However, you should try it yourself first. The contest is available through the link below. The password is “redjam”.

IIUM Code Jam Practice Contest

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