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About / FAQ

What is IIUM?

IIUM is an acronym for International Islamic University Malaysia. It is a local university in Gombak, Malaysia. See http://www.iium.edu.my/.

What is ICPC?

ICPC is an acronym for International Collegiate Programming Contest. It is (and I quote) “multitier, team-based, programming competition operating under the auspices of ACM and headquartered at Baylor University”. See http://icpc.baylor.edu/. It is basically a programming contest which focuses on problem solving. By “problem solving”, I mean question in which most people would not be have anything to do directly, but someone need to do so. Like figuring out how to sort something in linear time. Or how many ways do you have to go to a cafe given some roads. Most of the time, you just want to get there. But that seems to easy…

What is a Team?

From wikipedia, “A team comprises a group of people or other animals linked in a common purpose.”.

What is the purpose of this website?

  • To promote competitive programming among IIUM student.
  • To provide news and update for things that have interest to IIUM student on matter competitive programming.
  • To provide some guide to IIUM student on how to get yourself involve in this activity.