Assalamualaikum and good morning guys,

Next Saturday is CodeKnights Round 19. Which mean, very soon, I will not have enough finger on my hands and feet to count the number of rounds we had. When you think about it, its been more than 9 months since we started CodeKnights! How time flies. Because of this, we are now making a new website specially for CodeKnights.

CodeKnights new domain:

So check it out. Its a bit plain for now, but new things will starts to pop up soon. We are still going to use our old contest system. Those things are too complex to be built in a short time. However, for registration, we are no longer using the old google forms. And that also means that the old registration is no longer valid. Which means you will need to re-register again using the new website. If you don’t register, you can’t participate on the next round. The good thing is, you can now change your username or password whenever you like.

The creation of the new website is to help us manage and improve CodeKnights. When you have this much rounds, certain things are getting quite unwieldy. Getting the rankings from previous round can be a chore or even impossible. Some people registered twice (or even thrice?) to change their username and password. Some people specified their university name using acronym, some do not, some uses acronym with small letter. Sometimes we forgot to announce a round and sometimes we don’t remember which round is it. We have about 145 registrations (not counting the previous DSA students), but not even a quarter of that is participating. Even, the question “when was round 15?” is a hard question to answer.

In fact, I’m sure you guys have your fair share of criticism. And it would be very helpful if you could voice it out in the comment sections below. We take all feedback constructively.

So that’s all folks! Thank you for reading. Good bye and Assalamualaikum.