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Month: January 2017

Code Knights Round 14 Result and Problem Analysis ?>

Code Knights Round 14 Result and Problem Analysis

Assalamualaikum everyone. Its been awhile since I did a written analysis instead of a video or straight up, not doing it at all. Although recording a video is much more convenient that writing a blog, nothing beats creating a well authored blog post. That, and also the fact I did not finish this round, resulted in this post, albeit, late, because it takes time to type down these things.

Anyway, Round 14 is the second round after the last round which IIUM’s DSA student is scored for participation. Additionally, its kinda exam period for IIUM student… so… we are seeing a much lower participation, even after including participant from Hebron University, Palestine. In fact, looking at the ranking list, 6 out of 10 participant actually came from Hebron! If they did not participate, we would be looking at only 4 participant!


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