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Month: October 2016

Code Knights Round 7 Results and Problem Analysis ?>

Code Knights Round 7 Results and Problem Analysis

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Last Saturday, the 7th round of Code Knights was held, with a total of….. 12 participants. The problems of this round are prepared without proper care due to last minute changes in internal schedule (Eidul Adha specifically). I am not quite sure how to classify this last round. Anyways, we move on and hopefully prepare better ones in the future.

Here you go 12 participants and the winner is anas_95.

How hard? Well.. I don’t know. The winner for this round goes to anas_95 from IIUM, who also won last round. anas_95 was the only participant who manage to solve 4 problems, but he did not solve problem D. It’s nice to see someone from IIUM winning again, but its starting to get boring. Can someone else win next time? stdLn maybe? Heck, I’m even waiting for lim2481284 to make a comeback.

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