Code Knights. ?>

Code Knights.

Update: Because of Ramadhan, the time for the first round is delayed by 2 hour.
Update: Announcement for round 3 is here.

Assalamualaikum everyone, Ramadhan Mubarak.

We are having a little project, lets call it Code Knights (to be clear, Amjad picked the name 😀 ). As the next ACM ICPC National is drawing closer, we are going to host an online competitive programming round every two weeks for practice and educational purpose. At first, the problems would be easy but later on, the rounds may have topics such Binary Search, Graph or Dynamic Programming. To make it even more competitive, the rounds is open to all student from all Malaysian (public or private) university. Although the original purpose of this rounds is for ACM ICPC practice, you are welcomed to join regardless if you will participate in the next ACM ICPC National or not. Its a good way to hone your programming skill. You would be surprised by how many programmer can’t actually program (see Why Can’t Programmers Program.). Maybe its you… 😯

The difference between this project and other competitive programming platform such as CodeForces and TopCoder is that, it is tuned for Malaysian student. Most of the competitive programming platform out there is too hard for most student. Additionally, their timing is not very suitable in Malaysia (1AM in the morning?). Code Knights aims to helps with this problem. However, it is not a full platform as we don’t have the resource to make one. It will be conducted much like the last IIUM Code Jam which is online through our modified Contest Management System (CMS). As always, C, C++ and Java is supported, but bear in mind that the system does not play well with Java. We will try to use Java 8, but who knows what will happen.

For the first round, the problem author is me, Amjad, Zarir and Ayesha. You will be facing 4 Adhoc problem to be solved within 4 hours. Adhoc means that you don’t need any specific algorithm to solve the problems. The scoring system is an approximate of the standard ACM ICPC rules. The details of the round is as follows:

Date: 25th June 2016
Time: 8 PM to 12 AM. 10PM to 2 AM.
Venue: Online (Link will be given later)
Registration fees: * FREE *
Registration link:

To join, fill up the Google Form above. We will send reminders and the contest link through email. For any inquiry, you can comment down below or email me at The registration link above is for all rounds. That means you don’t need to register again for the next round.

The stage is set, the sword is drawn. One student from all Malaysia will hold the title as the first 

“Code Knights Champion”

Will it be you?

ps: Calm down, its just a simple round.