Congratulations Winner of IIUM Code Jam 2015! ?>

Congratulations Winner of IIUM Code Jam 2015!


Last sunday, IIUM Code Jam 2015 was held at LR 14, KICT, IIUM. From 12 teams that compete, four emerges as the winner of the first ever IIUM Code Jam.

All Sister Team Champion

Team “Potato”. They are quite shy.

Third Prize Winner

Team “no direction”. Apparently they do have some sense of direction.

Second Prize Winner

Team “The Troj@n”. They are all first year by the way. And one from engineering.


Team “Error”. They have so many error, they won.

Congratulations for the winner. For the rest of the participant, this is the the final ranking list. Team EAS and GolderCoders did not came and team15 is just a test. Overall, most team manage to solve at least 3 question and all team manage to solve the first two question. Sadly no one can answer D, G or the bonus question H.

Screenshot from 2015-05-13 15:14:21

Congratulation for all participant. We will be posting an editorial for the question given on IIUM Code Jam later on. On behalf of the organizing team, I would like to apologies for any mistake we made during the contest. For those of you who did not participate, we will do this again, next semester, with bigger balloon!

Look at the baloons
Look at the balloons!
Judges laughing on the mistake the teams did.
We got an “Error” over here.
Aha.. aha.. yep, that is wrong.
What does it look like from the judge’s table.
Everyone, look at the camera!

Complete picture set will be posted on Facebook.

Also, we are making a survey for the IIUM Code Jam and future programming contest. Please spend some time to answer them regardless whether you participated or not.

IIUM Code Jam 2015 Survey