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IIUM CodeJam 2015

Assalamualaikum everyone.


Have you ever wonder what its like to compete in a problem solving competition? Well now you can experience it yourself. ICTSS Education Bureau is organizing an ACM ICPC style programming competition called IIUM Code Jam. We are giving you an opportunity to experience an ACM ICPC competition without becoming really good at it at and the same time, we are also gathering the best programming teams from IIUM to crown one of them as the first ever IIUM Code Jam Champion. Whether you want to win or just have some fun programming, this competition is for you. Oh, did we mention that it is open for all IIUM student? The details are as follow:

  • Date: 9 May 2015
  • Time: 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • Venue: LR 14, Kuliyyah of Information and Communication Technology, IIUM.
  • Registration fees: RM 15 per team.


What is ACM ICPC?

This programming competition will be an ACM ICPC style programming competition. If you do not know what is ACM ICPC, please have a look at what is ACM ICPC and also the basic rules and environment of ACM ICPC. Or to put it in another perspective, If you want to experience an ACM ICPC like programming competition, come join us!

Rules and Regulation for IIUM Code Jam

  • 3 undergraduate student per team. Student from kulliyyah other than KICT are welcomed.
  • We will follow basic ACM ICPC rules except for the one specified here.
  • Previous IIUM representative for ACM ICPC regional level are not allowed to participate.
  • All team member must be present at the day of the competition.
  • Each team will be given 3 hour and 7 problem to be solved.
  • The programming language that will be used are C/C++ (GCC) and Java.
  • Each team are allowed to bring 25 page of reference. The page can be of anything you want.
  • Each team can also bring 2 books. The book must be handed over for approval at the day of competition. Example of allowed books are programming language reference and books about algorithms.
  • Each team must bring one (and only one) laptop. Please make sure the laptop’s LAN port is working. Each team may also bring an additional keyboard if they choose to. The keyboard must not be programmable.
  • To provide consistent environment between teams, we will provide a DVD for each laptop to boot from. If your laptop do not have a DVD drive, we will provide a USB drive. Please make sure your laptop can boot from DVD or USB drive.
  • The organizer reserve the right to change any rules if necessary.


  • For every one:
    • A balloon for each problem solved per team.
    • A participation certificate for each team member.
  • “All sister team” winner: A medal and a hamper.
  • Third place: A medal and a hamper.
  • Second place: A medal and a bigger hamper than third place’s hamper.
  • Champion: A medal, a bigger hamper than second place’s hamper and the ability to say “We won IIUM Code Jam 2015”.


You can register online through the link below. We will also open a booth at KICT one week before the competition. The entrance fees can be paid at the booth or on the day of competition. Last date for registration is 8 May 2014.

Click Here to Register

Want to compete, but don’t know how?

If you want to compete, but don’t know how, this blog is created just for student like you. It is perfectly fine if you are new at this and we would be more than happy to accept your team registration. In fact, it would be boring if you don’t join us. We need cool people like you! What matter the most is you start from somewhere. In the coming weeks we will publish various tutorials to prepare you for the programming competition. Rest assure, if you read everything we post in this blog, you will be ready for the competition. The following are the guides that has been posted:

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